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Finally! How To SUCCESSFULLY Prep For Your First Bikini or Figure Show!

(So you DON'T have to do hours of cardio and eat very little food...or worse...
Risk damaging your hormones or your metabolism. )

* Learn what it takes to compete

* Get in the best shape of Your life

* Compete without damaging Your health

You may be thinking...

I want to compete but, I have no idea where to start?

I need someone to guide me through this process...

 I'm too far out, too much to lose?

I need to gain more muscle before I start...

I'm too old?  

If you want to Rock the Stage, learn about your body, your health & your nutrition, or even if you just want to BUILD CONFIDENCE and keep your sanity throughout the entire process, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...
So Many competitors go on to hire the wrong coach...We see it all the time. Women are always coming to us to fix their programming after being put on cookie cutter diets, hours of cardio, and even worse, diuretics and drastic water and sodium depletion. This is not only ineffective, but downright dangerous!!
Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

We are Alissa Parker IFBB Pro and Ursula Valencia  owners and coaches at FlexRx Fitness

- Over 30 years combined coaching experience

- 100's of clients coached

-Certified Personal Trainers, Nutrition Specialists, Group fitness instructors

- Author of "Fit Starts in the Kitchen" and "The Art of Posing and Stage Presentation Bikini and Figure Editions"

 - As seen on KUSI News, Good Morning San Diego, Fox 5, iHeart Radio, Armed Forces Network, Hulu, AppleTV
- Featured in Oxygen Magazine, SD Voyager, Gorgo Magazine, Muscle and Fitness Hers,, Planet Muscle, Fitness RX for Women, Most Magazine, Coach and Player Magazine

- We are both competitors ourselves...We've been there. 

We want to make sure we guide you through every aspect of this process!

We PROMISE to make sure you are well taken care of before AND after your show!!

Our Program is going to guide you through EVERY aspect of the Contest Prep Process. 

Everything from CUSTOM Workouts and Nutrition, to Posing and Stage Presentation, Fitness Modeling and getting Sponsored... to create a Brand for yourself.  
Here are examples of women just like you who got results...

Hiring Alissa and Ursula as my coaches was the best decision I’ve made on my fitness journey. Their knowledge and experience in the fitness industry are invaluable. Their pragmatic and balanced approach to nutrition has allowed me to reach my fitness goals and still maintain my family lifestyle. I’ve learned how to keep my health a priority, even while achieving success in bodybuilding, despite the huge demands that are placed on your body. I would recommend Alissa & Ursula to anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels, whether it’s for weight loss, building muscle or transforming their body.
Beth B.

I have been working with Ursula Valencia and Alissa Parker at Flex RX for the past year. What I have accomplished with their guidance is far beyond any of my original expectations. They have been there for me every step of the way to provide professional, thorough, and prompt guidance customized for my specific needs and goals. They have provided individualized workouts and clean diet menus. My serious health issues are all but gone as a result. To know me today, you would never guess who I was a year ago. The price they charge is fair and far less than what I paid at the gym for a personal trainer and the service they provide far exceeds anything provided by the personal trainer at the gym. These ladies have the knowledge and experience; are professional and listen to my questions and concerns. They have walked the walk and talked the talk. Now, when I am at the gym people are asking me for advice or ask me about the workouts I am doing. I can’t tell you what that has done for my self esteem. Ursula and Alissa know what they are doing and you will too if you bring them in to your fitness life. If you are ready to work, you will not be disappointed.
Marisol M.

No matter where you are on your journey, each day you wait is a day wasted to get you closer to your goal. Competing is a year round sport! 

The Pros train year round to get to that level. There really is NO off-season!

It takes years of consistency to really compete at the highest level

Some of our amazing Transformation Clients who stuck with the program ...

Even if you have a busy schedule kids, can make it work!

More of our Moms Rocking the Stage!

If They can do it ...You can do it too!!

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

* You will learn how to take your fitness to the next level by creating a Brand! We teach you how to get into fitness modeling, how to prep for a shoot, how to get sponsored and we even have an affiliate program so you can earn commission!!

* You'll Hire the right coaches the first time! 

* Our goal is to make this program fit Your lifestyle. We can make it work even if you have a full-time job and kids!

* Our app makes it simple for you to track your meals, your workouts, and each exercise has videos so you always know what to do in the gym. 

* Your Health Mentally and physically is Priority number one! We make sure we have enough time to get to know your body and reverse you off of your diet 

Here's what our client's are saying about their experience...

" Ursula and Alissa were and have been amazing!! My show day, I think they were up before the birds in CA making sure all was well with me. lol! I'm a planner and they were really good about communicating with me what I needed."
-Lisa Burnham

"They are a huge support both getting to the stage and for helping you through the crazy hurdles life can throw your way! I’m going on 10 months of a very frustrating injury and they are always there to listen and work through ideas to help you tackle any problems."
-Erin Boyd

"These ladies are truly on top of it all. Dedicated, they get ever try type of obstacles that can occur and are always quick to help. They went above and beyond for me! Love, love, love them!"
-Emily Calabrese

"You’re in the best hands!!! I had trust issues from a previous bad coaching experience.....but Alissa and Ursula are HANDS DOWN amazing! "
-Michelle Elbertson
  Imagine What Life Would Be Like If  YOU Could Have This Success Too...

More Amazing Transformations...

Introducing The FlexRx Custom Membership Program 
For LESS THAN $9 per day you will have full access to our entire custom program, our team, and hundreds of resources!

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Here's what you are going to get...

The Essentials
Your Own Custom Flex Rx App ($2400)

Custom Nutrition Plans - Meal Plans and Macros 

Custom Training Plan  

Initial Intake Evaluation

Weekly Check In Hub ($197 Value)

Total Value: $2597

You also get...
Reverse Diet / Training Plan- Planning the reverse diet is critical and a major reason why so many women struggle post show. We don't want you to have any excuse not to make the most of this critical step.

Cardio Plans & Playlists
Steady State or a mix
Booty Building Cardio routines 
Everybody is different - You will know exactly what cardio to do. PLUS You’ll Get Access to HUNDREDS of Playlists to keep it fun!

Supplement Guide - learn what supplements are the most tested, safe and effective

Peak Week Protocol - We use a much safer approach. No or Very Minimal Water Depletion
No Sodium Depletion 
Preload Early so less risk of spilling over  

Unlimited Support - We are available ALL the time! We always respond within 24 hours, but usually MUCH quicker

Private FB Group LIVE Coaching
This is where you get to know us and the team, can get into the nitty gritty of it all and learn from our coaching and competition experiences.  

Access to Our Members Only Area!

This is the BEST Feature yet! 

Nutrition Resources
Macro Tracking Tutorial
How To Track Alcohol
Food Prep 101
Restaurant Cheat Sheet
We will teach you how to track macros down to even tracking alcohol, so there is no excuse to have a set back. Life happens and we don't want you to miss out on the important stuff. We can always work around it with the power of tracking. Travel, food prep, and cooking tips will allow you to learn the easiest ways to make your plan work for you.

Also in the Members Only Area...

Recovery & Stretch Videos

Foam Rolling


Healthy Hip Videos

Epsom Salt bath tips
More of the  Members Only Area...

Be Prepared to Shine!

Stage Presentation and Posing 

What the Judges are looking for Guide

Makeup tutorials

Posing Videos  

Choosing Makeup, Hair Styles, Shoes, 

Suit Selection & Jewelry 

DIY Tanning 
EVEN More of the Members Only Area...

Want to do a shoot? or Get into Fitness Modeling?

Photoshoot Prep 

Getting Started in Fitness Modeling
Creating a Media Kit 

We will guide you on preparing for a shoot, getting sponsored, affiliate marketing, creating a brand, and getting your work published! 
And, on this page only, We Have some exclusive bonuses YOU can't get anywhere else!
Bonus #1 (Worth $48): Unlocked Bonus Workouts 
Booty Bonus 
Ab Bonus 
Shoulder Bonus 
Plyo Bonus
Home Workout Bonus
  - No Excuses
After working with 100's people just like you we are giving you more options to make your plan work to your needs through these exclusive bonuses.
We created these bonuses to be an addition to your training.  If you have a lagging body part we can incorporate these as an addition. There is always a killer way to get it done at home when life gets in the way.   
FlexRx Recipes Bonus #2 (Worth $48):
Flex Rx Approved Recipes
Our recipes took years of testing save tons of time by getting our healthy contest prep appoved desserts and low calorie meal ideas. Macros are tracked for you!
Enjoy Flexibility within your plan! No excuses not to make it work! $98 Value
limited Space Available !

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Price Comparison...
Other coaches at $100/per week 
for 6 months or
 26 weeks = $2,600.00

That’s without ALL the Extras!

Our Price $1497 

That’s a 40% Savings!!!

Save over $1,100

Yes!  I'm Ready To Purchase! 
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • ​Your Own Custom Flex Rx App w/ Custom Plans ($2400 Value)
  • Initial Intake Evaluation
  • Weekly Check In Hub ($197 Value) 
  • Reverse Diet 
  • Cardio Plan + Playlists
  • Supplement Guide
  • Peak Week Protocol 
  • Private Team Facebook Group With Live Coaching (Priceless! Value)
  • Membership Area Access ($997 Value)
  • Fitness Modeling Prep ($199 Value)
Total Value: $4,090
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $1497

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